MPC Files

Import & Export AKAI MPC Programs : (MPC3000 and MPC2000(xl) format)

Importing :

  • From the menu : choose menu "Program" -> "Import MPC PGM...".
  • From the desktop : drag and drop ".PGM" file to the program library.
  • (* ".PGM" and all used sample files must be in a same folder.)


    In the "PROGRAM" library, [ctrl] + click on the program name that you want to export. Select "Export As MPC .PGM...".

    Save Panel will appear, Select PGM and sample file format then click "Save" button.

    For MPC3000 & MPC2000(NON-XL) Users :
    RS-16X creates both 2000 & 3000 format ".pgm" file, but you still need a way to transfer it from Mac to MPC.  It seems some MPC2000(non-xl) & 3000 user are having trouble transfer them. Unfortunately I don't have much information about this problem at this moment.

    Converting Sample File Format

    In file browser, select sample file(s), then choose "Conver..." from the action menu (bottom left button).