Select a display with this buttons.

Main - Sequence Mode (Sequence View):

Upper half of the display :

  • Tempo :, click on the tempo value, or click -/+ button for -/+ 0.1bpm.
  • Tempo Mode :Select tempo mode between "Master" and "Sequence".
  • Tsig : Click to set the time signature.
  • Bars : Click -/+ button to set the length of the sequence.
  • Count : Number of bars to count off in recording mode.
  • Loop : Click to on/off the loop state.

  • Lower half of the display :
  • Track : Currently selected track. Double click on the track name to rename the track.
  • Mute : Mute on/off button for the selected track.
  • Velo% : Reduce the velocity by % for all events in the selected track.
  • Device : Select a destination for the track. If any midi devices are attached to your computer, those devices will appear in this popup.
  • Ch : MIDI channel for selected destination.

  • Input Timing : When you are recording, all input timing will be corrected to the closest division configurated these values. To correct recorded notes on tracks, click "Correct" button. (*Please refer to "Timing Correction and Swing" section for futher info.)

  • Main - Sequence Mode (Sequence View):

    Main - Song Mode :

  • Add sequences to the song : drag and drop sequence(s) from the sequence library to the list.
  • Tempo : Click on the value, or click -/+ button .
  • Tempo mode : Select between "Master", "Song" , "Sequence".
  • Loop : Click to on/off the loop state.
  • Count : Number of bars to count off in recording mode.
  • Timing : When you are recording, all input timing will be corrected to the closest division selected by this popup. Select "OFF" for no timing correction.
  • Song Track : All Songs has one extra track to add extra events. Select track On/Off state and channel.
  • CONVERT : Convert current song to a sequence. For more infomation, please refer to Song section.

  • Program :

    Click a virtual pad to select the selected pad.

  • NOTE : Click to sssign a note number for selected pad.
  • Attack : Click -/+ button to edit the attack value.
  • Decay : Click -/+ button to edit the decay value.
  • Pitch : Click -/+ button to edit the pitch of the assigned sample.
    (-120 ~ +120, 10 = half note)
  • Play Mode : Select sample playing mode between “MONO”, “POLY”, “LOOP” and “NOTE OFF”.
  • In / Out : Drag triangles to set the loop in/out position.
  • Start / End : Drag triangles to set the sample's start and end position.
  • Mute Group : Selected pad numbers are added to the mute group for currently selected pad.

    Mixer :

    Stereo Mixer

    This screen shows mixer state for currently selected bank. From left to right, controllers corresponding to Pad1 ~ Pad16.

  • Drag sliders or pan pots to edit values.
  • Click rectangles to set mute state.
  • Reverb Send

    This screen shows reverb send state for currently selected bank.

  • Drag sliders to edit send values to the reverb unit.

  • Reverb :

    This screen shows reverb settings.

  • Editing : Click each parameter's value, control slider will appear.
  • Save Current Setting : Click "SAVE" button.
  • Recall Preset : Select preset in the list then click "RECALL" button.
  • Delete Preset : Click preset in the list while holding [ctrl] key, context menu will apear, select "Delete". (Factory presets cannot be deleted.)

  • Synth :

    This screen shows internal synth (Quick Time Synthesizer) settings for the currently loaded sequence. This display is NOT functional in the song mode.

  • Ch : MIDI channel number.
  • Patch : Click to select a patch for the channel.
  • Vol : Volume for the channel.
  • Pan : Pan for the channel.
  • Rev : Reverb amount for the channel.
  • Reverb Type : Click to select a reverb type. (Reverb type is global for all sequences.)

  • MIDI :

  • MIDI Receive Channel : Select a MIDI receiving channel.
  • MIDI Input Filter : Set whether or not RS-16X receives incoming MIDI event for each event type.
  • MIDI Clock Sync : If "On", RS-16X syncs to the incoming midi clock.
  • Shift (ms) : Shift the sync timing by millisecond.
  • Transmit MIDI Clock : select the destination to send midi clock.

  • Write To AIFF : (Menu: "File" -> "Write To AIFF...")

  • Loop State : Select "OFF", "ON" or "As Player Setting"
  • End Decay : Set end decay length by seconds.
  • Exit : Exit from writing mode.