Virtual Keyboard

Select "Show Keyboard" (or "Hide Keyboard") under "Keyboard" menu to make the virtual keyboard visible(or invisible).

Each key is corresponding to one of the computer's keyboard. To see the note layout, select "Virtual Keyboard Note Chart" menu under "Window" menu.

Keyboard On/Off button
If this button is "ON STATE"(Red), virtual keybord can be played by key stroke.

Octave Up/Down Buttons
Move "C0" Position up/down by octave. "Black Dot" above the keyboard indicates current "C0" Position and it's always corresponding to the key "C(0)" assigned in Keyboard Layout Chart. ("C" key on the computer's keyboard by default.)

Velocity Slider

Set the input velocity value.

Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels
Send Pich Bend(left wheel) and Mudulation(right wheel) message.

Keyboard Note Layout Chart:

Default note layout works good with Mac's keyboard, but if you prefer, you can  change the assigned note for each key.   Each "Note Name Field" is a PopUp menu.

Tha key assigned to "C(0)" is always corresponding to the "C0" position(Black dot above the virtual keyboard) on  the "Virtual keyboard".  This "C0" position can be moved up&down with  "Octave Buttons", so you can play entire 88 notes from the Computer's keyboard without changing it's note assignment.