Virtual Pads

Virtual pads works in three different mode, "Program", "Sequence" and "Mute" modes. Select between the modes with upper right buttons.

  • PGM : Play assigned sample.
  • SEQ : Load & start playing assigned sequence. [shift] + click will load to the next sequence.
  • MUTE : Each pads will be corresponded to the sequence tracks to set the mute state.
  • These pads are virtually velocity sensitive, means depends on a place you click, velocity value changes. Clicking center produce max velocity and towered to the edges value will be reduced.

    Each pad is corresponding to a key of the Mac's keyboard, a letter below the right conner of a pad indicates which key is corresponding to it.

    Upper white text indicates the assigned sample name in program mode, or assigned sequence name in sequence mode. If the program cannot find the assigned sample or sequence, the text will be graied out.

    Lower gray text indicates corresponding "GM Percussion Map" name. This text is just for a reference purpose, you can turn this text on/off from "Window" menu (Window > GM Percussion Map)

    Each pad has six levels of bank(Bank-A ~ Bank-F). Select between the banks with bank selector buttons located above the pads.

    Assigning samples to pads : Drag&drop compatible audio files from the samples list or the finder onto a pad. If multiple files are dropped, rest of the samples will be assigned to one higher number of pads. Previously assigned samples will be replaced.

    Supported Samples Files :

  • AIFF
  • WAVE
  • AKAI MPC SND (MPC3000 and 2000(XL) format)
  • Copy sample from one pad to the another : [option] + drag a pad.

    Removing assigned sample : [ctrl] + click a pad, context menu will appear, choose "Remove Sample".