Play Sequence :
Select a sequence in the SEQ library then click "Load" button, selected sequence will be loaded to the player. Click "Play" button or hit [space bar]. To stop playing, press "stop" button or hit [space bar] again.

Create a New Sequence :
In the SEQ library, click "+" button.

Record Sequence :

  • Load a sequence to the player
  • Set "Tsig"(time-signature), "Bars" (length), "Loop" state.
  • Click "Record" or "Overdub" button, then start player.
  • Click pads or corresponding keys.

    Edit Sequence :
    Click "EDIT" button, edit sheet will appear.

  • Select edit mode, COPY, CLEAR, CUT or MOVE.
  • Time : Set source's start and end time.
  • ALL TRACKS : If checked, edit functions work as editing by bars.
  • Source Track : Select source track.
  • Destination Track : Select destination track.
  • Start : Start point for destination track.
  • Copy Mode : Select mode for copy function.
  • Copies : Enter number of times copied for copy function.
  • Edit Sequence by Event :
    Open "Event Editor" window. (Choose "Window" > "Event Editor")