Creating a Song :

  • If the player is not in the song mode, click "SONG" button.
  • In the SONG library, click "+" button.
  • In the SONG library, select the newly created song and click "Load" button.
  • To add sequences to the song, drag & drop sequence(s) form the SEQ library to the list in the song display.
  • To set the number of repeat times for a sequence, double click a "Reps" column and enter the number. (Sequence's "BPM", "Tsig", "Bars" cannot be edited in the song mode.)

  • A Song has one additional track and can be recorded the same way as sequence recording.

    About Tempo : There are three different tempo states.

  • MAS : Play in the player's master tempo.
  • SNG : Play in the song's specified tempo.
  • SEQ : Play in a sequence's specified tempo.

  • Convert Song To A Sequence :

  • Click "CONVERT" button, the convert sheet below will appear.

  • Track Status :
  • Referenced to 1st sequence : All sequences track layout and status are referenced to the 1st sequence of the song.
  • Merged by channel : Traks will be merged by following manner.
    - Drum tracks : Merged to Track 1 ~ 16 depends on the channel.
    - Synth tracks : Merged to Track 17 ~ 32 depends on the channel.
    - MIDI tracks : Merged to Track 33 ~ 48 depends on the channel.
  • Muted ttracks ignored : If checked, all muted track will be ignored.
  • Merge Song Track To : Select a track that the song track merged to.

  • Converted sequence will be added to the sequence library.