Timing Correction and Swing

Input Timing :

  • Note value : Select the smallest note value.
  • Swing : Swing value by %. (50% = straight feel, 75% = Max Swing feel)
  • Shift : Shift events by ticks.

  • Input Timing Setting only affect to the newly recording events. To correct the timing previously recorded events on the track(s), click "Correct" button.

    Timing Correct Panel :

  • Click "Correct" button, Timing Correct Panel will appear.

  • ("Note Value", "Swing", "Shift Amount" works same as input timing controlls.)
  • Time : Start and End points where timing correction applied.
  • Track : Select timing correction to be applied on currently selected track or on all tracks.
  • Preview : If the check box is checked, chenges can be previewed lively.