Main Window

  1. Beat Mode Selector :
    In single mode, the program works as a regular metronome.
    In multi mode, the program loops by specified number of beats.

  2. Volume slider and Mute button for the beat sound.

  3. Beat selector :
    In single mode, select number of beats per cycle(measure).
    In multi mode, select beat number(s) where you want the beat sound on.

  4. Swing values and its On/Off button :
    You can specify swing values for the 8th notes and 16th notes separately by percentages. Click number (value) to edit.
    (50% = straight feel. 67% = triplet feel.)

  5. Loop timer.
    This is an alarm time, it loops while the program running. To set timer intervals, open preferences pannel (Menu: Br.Betotte -> Preferences...).
    Timer On/Off button.
    Loop On/Off button.
    Alarm On/Off button.

  6. Auto tempo On/Off button :
    Automatically increase and decrease the tempo. To change settings, open preferences pannel (Menu: Br.Betotte -> Preferences...).
    Progression sync On/Off button :

  7. Volume sliders & Mute bottons.

  8. Tempo slider and buttons.
    (-/+ button = -/+ 1bpm, shift + -/+ button = -/+ 10bpm)

  9. Main volume slider.

  10. Halftime feel On/Off button.

  11. Tap tempo button.

  12. Start & Stop button.