Progression Editor

Make On in the main-window to synchronize the progression.

  1. Number of measures for count-in.

  2. Number of measures in the progression.

  3. Beat number for the second chord :
    Each measure can be divided in to two division. You can specify beat number for the second division and if its syncopated.

  4. Transpose value. (12 = octave)

  5. Progression Editor :
    Select notes on the virtual keyboard then click on one of the field. To change code names, move selected field and type a code name.

  6. New : Clear the progression and create new one.
    Save : Save button.

  7. Instrument selector popup menu.

  8. Volume slider.

  9. All note off button.

  10. Virtual keyboard :
    Click to select/deselect notes.

Dr.Betotte version 1.x format"Progression" are NOT compatible with version 2.