Sound-Set Editor

Every sound-set can have up to 12 + 1(beat) different sounds, and every sound will be rooted to one of the five sliders in the main-window.

  1. Sound Set :
    Change selection to edit. Click [+] buton to create new set.

  2. Editor :
    Type Popup menu : Select sound-set type.
    Beat Set : select this one for metronome sounds.
    Drum Set : select this ome for drum sounds

    Sound Name buttons : Drag and Drop a sample from “Samples table” to one of these buttons.

    Vol & Pan : You can set volume and pan for each sound.

    Slider : Each sound will be rooted to one of the slider in the main-window defined here. (Multiple sounds may be rooted to a same slider.)

  3. Samples :
    Drag and drop a sample from this table to one of the “Sample Name” button to assign it to the sound-set.

    To add your own samples, click “Add Sound” button.

Dr.Betotte version 1.x format "Click-set" are NOT compatible with version 2.