RS-16X 1.6.1
Sequence & Song style stand-alone drum machine program with virtual controller pads & keyboard

US $34.95

16 x 6 Banks Virtual Pads. / 88 Keys Virtual Keyboard Controller with Pitch Bend & Modulation Wheels. / Virtual Pads & Keyboard correspond with computer's keyboard. / 96 tracks sequencer. / MIDI Clock Sync master or slave. / Creates sequences in any time-signature. / Swing Quantizing. / Loads up to 1,536 samples at a time (16 Pads x 6 Banks x 16 Channels). / Import & export AKAI MPC's ".PGM" & ".SND" File (MPC3000, MPC2000, MPC2000XL Format). / Import & export Standard MIDI Files. / Built-in synthesizer. / Built-in reverb. / Export sequence as AIFF.

For MPC3000 & MPC2000(NON-XL) Users
RS-16X creates both 2000 & 3000 format ".pgm" file, but you still need a way to transfer it from Mac to MPC.  It seems some non-xl & 3000 user are having trouble transferring them. Unfortunately, I don't have much information about this problem at this moment. So, if creating .pgm files is the main reason to use this program, please test the program with your systems carefully before you actually register with RS-16X.